Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take a Break from the Daily Grind and Reflect!

Okay, so here we are moving toward the fourth week of school and the newness of the year is wearing thin; that's because students are settling in. They have commenced to playing sappy jokes and are even in the back of your classroom passing juicy notes - in other words, the honeymoon is over!

The daily grind is becoming apparent as we think about lesson plans, lunch duty, grading papers and all the meetings. It's within the daily grind that educators lose site of their mission, vision, and commitments. We enter a stage of survival mode, which often displaces us from reflective practice. From time-to-time it's critical we take a purposeful walk back toward a more reflective teaching practice. It is during this walk we often uncover our innovation, best practice and creativity as educators.

Take a moment to reflect on the district's Mission, Vision and Commitment to Excellence & Equity

Empower all students to acquire the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to live rewarding, productive lives, prepared to contribute positively to the global community.

How do you intend to bring the global community into your classroom?

A district recognized for educational excellence and equity, providing a rigorous, innovative educational program that supports and challenges each students to achieve at a high level and graduate from high school prepared for the future.

How will you prepare students for a future that is relatively unknown?

Commitment to Excellence & Equity
We believe we can reach our mission only if we raise the achievement of all students, close the achievement gaps and eliminate institutional barriers that prevent students from reaching high levels of success.

How you will eliminate the racial predictability of achievement outcomes in your classroom?

Have a great year!

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Scott McLeod said...

I think these are 3 great questions! I'm going to send some folks this direction to see how they respond to the important issues that you raise here.

Hope you keep blogging!